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In recent years, we have helped all kinds of customers with tailor-made solutions. Curious why they choose TFF time and time again?
Our customers tell their story.

“During the new construction period as well as during servicing or refitting, (refurbishing existing yachts), our shipments are sent all over the world. In TFF’s shipping portal we can easily compare carriers; all you have to do is enter a post code and the dimensions of your parcel. TFF provides us with solutions where necessary; the team knows a lot about the world of logistics and has a great deal of experience.”

Ruben Bakker (Purchasing, Royal Huisman)

“Our shipments travel to every corner of the world. They include important documents, as well as biological material such as blood and human material. Transporting this involves quite a bit of work. TFF has recently proven itself a valuable partner for this type of transport. Niels and Hans share the way that we think and always monitor our shipments. As a result, we can intervene quickly if there is a missing link in the chain. It’s a very nice idea.”

Jannes Stokker (UMCG)

Jongia from Leeuwarden delivers worldwide, mainly to large multi-nationals. “Almost every shipment is made to order. This is because we create a lot of custom products for our customers. We are happy with a reliable carrier like TFF. They understand our business and take care of everything from A to Z. We handle smaller parcels ourselves through the shipping portal. That works perfectly.”

Hydromar develops, produces and exports high-quality components for luxury yachts. The size of some products makes transport a challenge. “Once, a huge box (door) for a big yacht had to be brought to Italy. TFF handled this perfectly and we received a picture of a satisfied customer. Their level of involvement, expertise and excellent rates mean that we always end up using TFF.”

D. Van Houten Import – Export is a global supplier of high-quality aquarium products, whose products reach every corner of the world, supplying over 80 countries. “TFF has become a real partner of ours over the years. They not only look at what needs to be transported, but also at how this can be arranged as quickly as possible and for the best price. They’ve been handling our shipments for years. There’s a lot of sea freight and road transport, but sometimes air cargo too.”

The Van Gogh Museum organises pop-up museums, showcasing valuable 3D replicas that travel the world. “These shipments must be handled with extra care during transport. It is also very time sensitive. Which makes our shipments even more complex. I gave TFF the freedom to come up with good solutions. That was quite the challenge in the case of the US. TFF shared their thoughts with us and tackled difficult issues head on. They were always one step ahead of any problems and communication within the team was very open. I really felt like a weight was being lifted from my shoulders.

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