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‘Almost every shipment is made to order,’ says Jan Gerrit Braaksma. ‘This is because we create a lot of custom products for our customers, which is why a reliable shipping partner like TFF is so great for us. They understand our business and take care of everything from A to Z. If we have any questions, they provide the perfect assistance right away. They’re a very service-minded company.’

‘How did we find out about TFF?’ Actually, we’ve known about them for a long time. A number of people from TFF used to work somewhere else, and we were very pleased with their work. So we’ve basically just stayed with them since then.’

Smaller Shipments Via the TFF Portal

Of course, not all shipments are enormous or atypical. That is when the TFF shipping portal comes in handy. ‘Of course, we also have smaller parts that need to be shipped. Smaller parcels are handled through the shipping portal. That works perfectly,’ says Jan Gerrit. ‘But, if a part is urgently needed on the other side of the world because a mechanic is waiting for it, that’s not a problem either. TFF understands the urgency and always gets the job done for us straight away. And the results are excellent!’

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