Worldwide special transport for Hydromar

Special Transport

The size of some products sometimes makes transport a challenge. Wichard Weitenberg: ‘Last year we had a special assignment. A huge box (door) for a big yacht had to be brought to Italy. Our client had been here on Monday to attend the final testing, and on Friday morning it had to arrive at its Italian destination. TFF handled this perfectly and quickly arranged for a trailer and shipping partner. The box was so big that it had to be placed diagonally on the trailer. Thursday evening the box was delivered to the correct address and we received a photo from a satisfied customer.’

Special transport is a fun challenge for us. Thanks to our years of experience, we have a good network that enables us to get everything in order, and we know how to arrange everything on paper. This allows Hydromar to be confident that everything will be right on time – even for the most complicated transport processes.

Service with Speed

Of course, there are several parties who can arrange this type of transport. ‘But what I think is so valuable about TFF is that they really take the burden off your shoulders,’ says Wichard Weitenberg. I only have to tell them what I need transported, and then give them the address and delivery date. They take care of the rest, like the necessary permits and other paperwork, which can be rather complicated. We have been working together for years – we are in contact almost weekly – which means that TFF has a solid understanding of our business and preferences. They always take this into account. And on that rare occasion when we need something ‘yesterday’, they understand the degree of urgency. There are times when parts break somewhere else in the world, and we have to respond quickly.’

‘Simply put, we are very happy with TFF. Of course, sometimes another carrier comes through with an interesting offer. But their involvement, expertise, and the excellent rate mean that we always end up using TFF.’

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