Sending biological material for the UMCG

The University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and the biggest employer in the north of the Netherlands. Over 12,000 employees collaborate on care, research, training and education, with the common goal of building the future of health.

Shipping biological material internationally

The hospital has to deal with special and vulnerable shipments. This means that choosing the right logistics partner is very important. TFF has been meeting the needs of the UMCG since 2019.

Jannes Stokker (UMCG): “Our shipments travel to every corner of the world. They include important documents, but also biological material such as blood and human material. Transporting this involves quite a bit of work. Good packaging, for example. But also transporting packages in dry ice, so that the temperature remains at -80°C. TFF has recently proven itself a valuable partner for this type of transport for the UMCG.”

Short chains and proactive monitoring

These kind of shipments go by airfreight from Schiphol. A courier picks them up from Groningen to take them there. All of this has to fit together seamlessly.

“The online shipping portal is unique to TFF. Here I can compare different carriers, both in terms of speed and price. As a result, I always have the right transport at a competitive price. We are also very happy with the team’s short chains of command. Niels and Hans share the way that we think and always monitor our shipments. As a result, we can intervene quickly if there is a missing link in the chain. It’s a very nice idea,” says Jannes from UMCG.

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