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You want to send freight to Italy or import goods from Denmark. You have already decided on land transport. However, even then, there are several options. European rail connections are excellent. Train transport is more affordable and sustainable than road transport. You can count on road transport taking longer, too. How long will it take? What about customs clearance? Can I use one of the train cars? Team Freight Forwarding has years of experience in rail transport. You can contact our team for advice and practical assistance with booking and managing your shipment.

Containers for train transport: FCL or LCL?

If you opt for train transport, you can send large (bulk) shipments in containers. Shipment is by full container (Full Container Load) of 40FT. If you do not need a full container, you can share a container with other shipments going to the same terminal (Less Container Load) at TFF. This is not only cheaper, but also better for the environment. However, it does take a bit more time, because the cargo has to be sorted. We would be happy to provide you with more information.

Train transport to China

The distance between China and Europe is substantial, to say the least, and it poses a challenge if you want to optimise your business’ logistics chain in terms of lead times and costs. Train transport to and from China has been popular for a number of years as a result. In 15 to 18 days, the train will carry containers from northern and central China to Europe. Air freight is faster, but more expensive. Seafreight is cheaper, but takes much more time. Train transport is more sustainable by comparison as well.

Our customised train transport service

We have specialist knowledge, years of experience and a global network. You could say that we have all the right people in all the right places. That translates to a lot less stress for you. Now you can get back to what really matters. Here are just some of our train transport offerings:

Door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal

Full container (FCL) or shared container (LCL)

Customs clearance


Administration and transport documents

Freight insurance

Have a unique or unusual shipment? Not a problem!

“What do we do? We make stirring equipment that is enormous in size, and we do it on a large scale. We supply agitators and mixers, such as for ice or oil, primarily to multinational corporations in the Benelux region, but also across the globe. Almost every shipment is unique and that is why we need a carrier that has expertise and can advise us on which mode of transport is most convenient and economical. That may be road transport, train transport or air freight. Lucky for us, we do business with TFF!”

Jan Gerrit Braaksma, Jongia

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