One portal for all your shipping needs

One portal for all your shipping needs

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Importing and exporting goods is complex. You want a clear overview of the tasks at hand, the best possible service and, of course, competitive prices. Our team is ready to assist and advise you throughout the process. Do you want to compare services and book directly online? Manage your logistics processes in a way that is easy to follow?

  • We offer a single portal for all your shipments.
  • Rates incl. surcharges.
  • Real-time Track & & Trace.
  • One clear invoice stream.
  • Real service, 24/7.

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Booking and managing your shipments yourself offers you several advantages. We would be happy to explain how to start using our shipping portal quickly and easily. The first step is simple: request login information from our team. Creating an account is completely free and comes with no further obligations.

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Our shipping portal advantages

  • Export and import using a single portal.
  • Includes shipments between countries such as Sweden and the US.
  • Book your road transport and express shipments.
  • Access to our network of couriers and transporters. Compare
  • rates and options.
  • Plan and manage 24/7. Convenient overview of your invoices.

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