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Your shipment has to get from A to B, but you find the transport world complicated. Or you might work on logistical processes day in and day out. You want everything to run as best it possibly can. You worry about efficiency and are looking for some specialist advice. Whatever your transport request, our team always has the right answer. So come enjoy the perks of our 24/7 superior service.

I want to send a parcel abroad

Would you like to send a parcel for business? Could you use an explanation and some assistance? We are here for you. You decide when you want the parcel to reach its destination. We take care of the rest. Would you prefer to arrange it yourself? Our shipping portal TFF Xpress makes this very easy.

I want to ship a pallet or container

Are you going to ship a larger quantity? What is the best transport option: by air, sea or train? Our team will be happy to give you honest advice. You can rely on shipment being handled flawlessly. We work with you to arrange the best pricing and monitor your shipment.

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I want advice and help with logistic issues

Do you want to set up your everyday transport in such a way that all the requirements are in order? Complex issues regarding storage, distribution and efficiency demand a customised solution. We are eager to work with you and always look into more than just the shipment itself, so that your own organisation can run smoothly and you can provide your customer with the best possible service. > Everything about logistics advice

I have an express international shipment

Do you need to get your shipment to its destination as quickly as possible? Do you have a valuable parcel or a time-critical document that needs to be signed? Our team will always offer you a reliable express option, even if you need it faster than fast. Would you rather arrange it all yourself? Our shipping portal TFF Xpress makes this incredibly convenient. > All about express shipping

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