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Shipping a parcel abroad

You have just started your new company, and you need to send an order to India. Or you have been in business for some time, but do not ship parcels very often, so you could use some advice and assistance with that. Team Freight Forwarding (TFF) is here to help. We have a suitable solution for all your business shipments abroad. Thanks to our years of experience, large network of shipping partners and personalised style of communication, you can rely on us to handle your shipment perfectly. You decide when you want the parcel to reach its location, and we take care of the rest. Would you prefer to arrange it yourself? Our shipping portal TFF Xpress makes this a incredibly easy.

The best transport option for your package

If you are sending a parcel abroad for business purposes, a few things are important: the destination, the delivery date and time (the urgency), the size of the parcel and your budget. Based on this, you can choose from the following transport options:

  • International courier (expedited shipping by van, up to approx. 6 pallets)
  • On-board courier (expedited shipping by aeroplane, only small parcels)
  • Express freight (you can be book this in the shipping portal)
  • Air freight (regular transport by aeroplane)
  • Road transport (by large goods vehicle)

Our team takes the stress out of shipping

While getting your package from A to B might seem simple, but there’s actually quite a bit that goes into it. If you don’t have much experience in this area, it can become a big hassle. Finding shipping partners takes time, and you may even end up paying too much without realising it. Our team will be happy to guide you through the world of goods transport and help you with:

  • transporting hazardous goods (ADR).
  • advice about the best option;
  • competitive prices, due to long-term, high-volume collaborations with our shipping partners;
  • scheduling your shipment;
  • tracking your shipment and troubleshooting;
  • 24/7 personalised service.

Regulations and Administration

Whether it’s a one-off package to Germany or regular shipments to Suriname: there’ll always be regulations and red tape. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of:

  • customs fees and regulations;
  • customs clearance and other administrative matters;
  • freight insurance for damage and loss;
  • transporting hazardous goods (ADR).

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