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At TFF I work with finances, and I really enjoy it. I am clear headed, analytical and solution oriented, with a no-nonsense attitude. I spend a big chunk of my spare time cycling.


At TFF I provide support to my sales colleagues. I manage the agendas, plan visits and prepare quotations on a daily basis. I also help with the invoicing process for our accounting. I live with my boyfriend in a small village near Heerenveen.


Air freight, express and special services are what I do best. I've been working in global transport and logistics for over 35 years. Providing real customer service is important to me. I also like to think out-of-the-box. As a ‘Westerling’ I live in a small village in Groningen. I love music and living life to the fullest.


By now I’m practically mayor of TFF and work with all modes of transport. You could call me a real Frisian, but I'm no country bumpkin 😉 In my spare time I like to hang out with my labrador Olly and my wife. I became a father to a beautiful daughter in early July 2019.


International express shipments are what I really love sinking my teeth into. In addition to our shipping portal, I focus on sea and air freight as well as road transport. Thanks to our wide range of services, I offer customers a unique "one-stop-shop" concept. I live with my girlfriend and two kids in a small village near Groningen. I enjoy sports and cooking.


They call me a real all-rounder at TFF. I also like to be there for my colleagues to help clients in the best possible way. I moved from the busy western Netherlands to a village in Friesland. That really suits me and my family. I also like football and travelling.


You can ask me anything about road and specialised transport. I'm a real Dutch islander and grew up in a family business in the transport sector. My motto: we transport anything, everything and whatever else lies in between. At the end of 2018, I became a proud father to a beautiful daughter.

Jaap Theo

As a down-to-earth Groninger, I am involved in sales in the broadest sense of the word within the team. Business and Product Development are very important to me. Our shipping portal is something I am very proud of. I have a wife and two boys. I enjoy getting to the tennis courts when I am not at work.


My specialties are express shipments and road transport. I especially enjoy thinking quickly and creatively when special requests arise. And then, of course, getting the shipment to its destination on time is great. In my spare time I like to fish, fix up my house and travel. I have a wife and three children.


After I completed my leisure & hospitality education, I was hired at Team Freight Forwarding. Within TFF I work in customer service and I am responsible for worldwide express shipments. I am enthusiastic, a hard worker and always ready for our customers. In my spare time I am a big music lover and LP collector.

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